Monday, September 29, 2008

Yoshinoya - Japanese Fast Food

My family and I were in southern california this August attending the Surf Cup, an annual soccer tournament for aspiring soccer players who want to be spotted by university scouts....Anyway, my Japanese husband was delighted to introduce us to Yoshinoya, a popular fast food restaurant chain in Japan which is popping up in California. For approx. $25.00 US, a family of four can feast on a side salad each, and an ample portion of rice, sukiyaki style beef, and vegetables. Not bad for fast food....

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Anonymous said...

Dear Foodie!
great to find a soul sister (LOL) in Japan!
Really apprecaited your articles. They just hit the right spot!
Wish there were a few more true food lovers like you around!
Incidentally do you know Tokyofoodcast and Tokyodrinkingglass?
Incidentally, if that can help you feel free to copy the pics in my blogs at Shizuoka Gourmet, Shizuoka Sake, Shizuoka Sushi and Shizuoka Shochu!
Looking forward to visiting again and exchanging views!