Friday, August 15, 2008


Mitsumame is a very popular traditional dessert in Japan. Basically it's fruit salad flavoured with syrup and cubes of jelly made from kanten, a type of gelatin derived from seaweed. (Most recently, kanten has been publlicized as a diet food because of its lack of calories.) Delicious and healthy, mitsumame is sometimes garnished with sweet cooked adzuki beans and then called anmitsu. Cream anmitsu and cream mitsumame means that it is served with vanilla ice cream. Sweet comfort food nicely balanced with sips of green tea! (Beautiful photo by Akira Yamada).
Simple Recipe:
Canned jelly cubes (Asian food store)
Canned fruit salad
Add finely chopped fruit (kiwi, mandarin orange, grapes or berries)
Garnish with vanilla ice cream

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